Asian and American Sweets

Enjoy American and Asian sweets!

You're in for a real treat with these popular sweet snacks from the States and from Asia

Let yourself be tempted by other sweet delights!

Candy Bars, Chocolate Bars, Reese’s, Heryshey’s, Butterfinger,…

Cereal, Peanut Butter, Pancake Syrup, Spreads, Fluff,…

Frosting, Decorative Icing, Aunt Jemima, Betty Crocker,…

Chewing Gum, Lollipops, Cotton Candy, Candy cane, Marshmallows, Jelly Belly, Skittles, Wonka

Pop corn, Cookies, Baked goods, Oreo, Hostess, Jello

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  • We have a huge selection of imported American goods so that you can try out the American way of life, from breakfast all the way to your midnight snack. Americans set the bar high when it comes to comfort food! Marshmallows, American candy, cinnamon candy, cookies & desserts, multicolored cereal & pancakes, chocolate, peanut butter... It's snack heaven! We also have fun sweets from all around the world that you will simply love!