About Us

Once upon a time a French girl took a trip across the ocean and found herself in a land of delicious new tastes and treats that enchanted her during her long sojourn abroad. A beautiful culinary love affair had begun…

My American Market was born in Anne-Claire’s heart and mind in the fall of 2008. The adventure started with a ranch dressing craving (never underestimate the power of your cravings!). After settling in the south of France after a few years in the U.S., Anne-Claire soon realized she was missing the products that represented a piece of her American life, of the place she used to call “home.”

Unfortunately, the available means of acquiring these favorites (waiting for an American friend’s visit, having food sent to her from the States, stocking up at specialty stores while in Paris, etc.) soon proved insufficient. Her cravings were just too strong, and she correctly assumed that other American food junkies in France felt the same way.

Since its 2009 birth, My American Market's family has grown to include new team members.

Meet the team!

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


As a father of two, Arnaud's got a lot on his hands. He handles our food store's supply chain, from purchasing your favorite comfort food in the USA to shipping your parcel to your front door.

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


As My American Market’s webmaster, Alexia is the one behind all of our website’s improvements. Our Code Queen has been making our (cyber) life easier ever since she arrived in the fall of 2013!

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


A big fan of Reese’s peanut butter cups, Charles works with Alexia in “Office 42” to form our dynamic duo. Both calm and efficient, he contributes to IT development for our online grocery store!

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


You don't even know you have a problem, but Fanny's already got an answer for you! Fluent in English, French and Spanish, Fanny learned what customer service means in one of the best schools: Air France Airlines in NYC. Very chic!

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


Monika is 100% European! Born to Polish parents, her family moved to Italy when she was 2. She later fell in love with France and its language. She is part of our customer service team and can answer all of your questions in Italian, French and English. Now that's impressive!

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


Born in the USA, Therese is originally from St. Louis, Missouri and brings a touch of America to our customer service team. She understands better than anyone the importance of “comfort food” for American expats. Yummy!

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France



Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


A woman who sees problems only in terms of possible solutions, Anne-Claire came up with the idea of a 1-stop online store that could satisfy not only the American expatriates’ cravings but also the curiosities of Europeans who had never tried all-American classics like “the root-beer float” or “Marshmallow smores".

And last, but definitely not least, YOU!

My American Market is no regular American food store. It is meant to be a community-oriented platform where you can become a contributor and take action in shaping the service and its features. My American Market is a continuous work in progress and our success is linked to your involvement.

There are many ways to connect with the My Amercian Market community!

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