Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time a French girl took a trip across the ocean and found herself in a land of delicious new tastes and treats that enchanted her during her long sojourn abroad. A beautiful culinary love affair had begun…

My American Market was born in Anne-Claire’s heart and mind in the fall of 2008. The adventure started with a ranch dressing craving (never underestimate the power of your cravings!). After settling in the south of France following a few years in the U.S., Anne-Claire soon realized she was missing the products that represented a piece of her American life, of the place she used to call “home”. Unfortunately, the available means of acquiring these favorites (waiting for an American friend’s visit, having food sent to her from the States, stocking up at specialty stores while in Paris, etc.) soon proved insufficient.

Her cravings were just too strong, and she correctly assumed that other American food junkies in France felt the same way.

Since its 2009 birth, My American Market's family has grown to include new team members.

"Meet our DreamTeam" !

Customer Support Team, AKA "The Jedi"

A super name for our super team of Customer support agents, it just makes sense! Caitlin, Christelle, Dorian, Laura and Marina are here to listen, make sure everthing runs smoothly and solve problems when they arise with excellent solutions and service. You're in good hands with these gals!

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


Born in the USA, Caitlin left Ohio behind to move to France 5 years ago and brings a touch of America to our customer support team. She understands better than anyone the importance of “comfort food” for American expats. She's the cherry on top!

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


After having lived and worked for over 10 years in Italy, Christelle joined the My American Market Team here in Toulouse. Bubbly and bright, this Jedi has got our Italian customers wants and needs at heart!

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


E-commerce and meeting customer expectations are no stranger to Laura thanks to her years of experience excelling in the domain. Ever since her hop, skip and a jump from Paris to Toulouse, we've had the pleasure of welcoming her among the "Jedi".

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


Marina is the last ( but certainly not least) to join the customer service teamnd comes to us straight from Corsica. Always smiling and in a good mood, our “Jedi” is a member of Dumbledore’s Army - she’s crazy for Chocolate Frogs! She speaks French, English, Spanish, and Italian.

Sales Team, AKA "The Beez"

Not to toot our own horn, but we're actually the n°1 supplier for American grocery stores in Europe! If you're looking for an American wholeseller, at My American Market, we've got 3 amazing people who'll take care of you and answer all your questions: Audrey, Giuseppina and Maria!

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


Mamma mia! You've sure found the right person to give advice for your business. Giuseppina, and her 15 years of work in e-commerce, is here to take care of you like a real Italian Mamma. She's the real deal! You can chat with her in Italian, French or English.

The IT crew, AKA "office 42"

In Douglas Adam's "The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy", the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42. Since Frédéric, Jérémie, Pascal and Thomas have always got an answer to all our questions, it's only logical that we call this awesome group of guys "Office 42".

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


For all questions about new updates to the site, or in case of bug, please address your concerns to Frédéric. The project manager of the 42's is always available for all our questions so that his hard working team can be left to develop in peace.

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


Jérémie takes part in developping our on-line shop. He's always there to help out when "it doesn't work". If you want to make Jérémie smile, just give him a box of Wonka Nerds and watch him light up!

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


When Pascal's not coding, he's eating Oreo Fudge cookies and laughing his signature laugh. Which, speaking of, you can hear all the way across the office. His good humor is key to the IT crew!

The purchase and logistics Service, AKA "the P.A.L.S."

This super team of super ¨P.A.L.S." is here to make sure your package is delivered quickly! It's also thanks to them that My American Market has been able to bring such a wide selection of delicious American products to Europe. The team is made up of Arnaud, Claire, Victor and Fanny!

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


A is for Arnaud, the first letter of the alphabet and the first member of the P.A.L.S. He takes care of managing the supply chain just like he takes care of his little family. It's thanks to his management that purchasing and logistics runs so smoothly!

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


Claire deals with importation of our products straight from the USA. This Franco-Canadian grew up with these delicious products that she would munch on during her summer vacations in Canada. Like Proust's Madeleine, "Mountain dew" for Claire brings back lovely childhood memories. Yum!

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


Victor's got a passion for Excel, that we don't honestly understand, but it's super useful when we need to know something about the departure or arrival of our shipping containers. Victor is into board games and is France's 2012 blindfolded Rubik's Cube Champ! How cool is that?

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


Fanny's goal is to always be on the look out for new products and figure out which items are selling like crazy stateside, so that you can enjoy them here in Europe. Our globe trotter has even lived in NYC… So chic!

Support Service, AKA "the big spenders"

If things are up and running smooth as can be, you can bet a lot is due to our administrative team made up of Hélène, Laura and Lucie. HR questions? Legislation info? Exchange Rates? What fun team activity we might do next? See this super duper team for more information ;)

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


Hélène holds the purse strings here at My American Market. The finance and administration manager also just happens to have an affinity for Reese's pieces. (But really, who doesn't?) This outstanding multi-tasker is a real Jill of all trades!

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


Lucie gives Hélène a hand with all that is administration, comptability and Human Ressources. But most importantly, Lucie takes care of all of us, making sure we're doing fine and we've everything we need!

Marketing, AKA "The M&M's"

The Marketing team at My American Market was officially established in 2017. Made up of Marc and Marie, this dynamic duo - "The M&M's" manage communication and marketing campaigns here at My American Market

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


Since Springtime 2017, our web marketing expert, Marc, manages marketing campaings and communication at My American Market. Want to see him smile? Give him some Oreo's! The secret's out, now you know who's behind the mask of our mascot Clark ;)

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


There's not much that Marie likes more than writing, (except maybe travelling). So dealing with all the content on our website is no tough feat for her! Whether it be on our site, in our emails or on social media, she always knows just the right word! No matter your language, you'll have the correct info!

The Head Honcho of My American Market

Team Member/ on-line American food store in France


You can thank her for the creation of your favorite All-American grocery store! My American Market was born from her desire to satisfy not only the American expatriates’ cravings but also the curiosities of Europeans who had never tried all-American classics like “the root-beer float” or “Marshmallow smores".

The Warehouse crew

As soon as your order is confirmed, the warehouse crew rushes to prepare with care and send your products out as fast as possible! They're working on the sidelines and are daily faced with the temptation of yummy American food all around them! Somehow they resist! They're basically the best.

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