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Pop-Tarts: a must-have for any authentic American breakfast!

Kellogg's Pop-Tarts are an American breakfast favorite. These sweet filled pastries are best enjoyed warm, so pop a few in the toaster oven to get your day started off right. There are a few classic flavors, like strawberry Pop-Tarts and brown sugar cinnamon, but there are also some other more creative varieties like Oreo Pop-Tarts with cookies & creme filling, S'mores, Dunkin Donuts, blue raspberry, and even cupcake! You'll love waking up to colorful icing and yummy flavors on your breakfast plate!

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Start your day off right with Pop-Tarts

POP! Did you hear that? It must be the toaster in the My American Market break room! Ah, someone is getting their day off to a delicious start. It's Grazia, from team "M&M," and she's about to enjoy a yummy American breakfast treat: her favorite Pop-Tarts! Marion heard the toaster POP, too, and she's headed into the break room as fast as she can, in hopes that Grazia's eyes were bigger than her stomach!
Whew, Grazia seems to be in a chartiable mood today, and Marion arrived just in the nick of time! Two steaming hot Strawberry Pop-Tarts are peeking out of the toaster oven. Marion grabs her share and scurries away to eat it in peace, before the smell starts wafting through the office and other members of the Dream Team want a bite!
And Pop-Tarts aren't just popular among our staff, they're some of our best-selling American treats! They fly off our shelves like hotcakes! There are of course the American expats who want a taste of home, or to take a trip down memory lane with a favorite childhood breakfast food. And then there's everyone else who's been lucky enough to try them once, and now they can't get enough! If you're not careful, you just might get hooked, too!
One bite, and you'll be a Pop-Tarts fan for life. They're just that ADDICTIVE! They'll change the way you see breakfast forever. No matter what you're in the mood for, chances are good that there's a Pop-Tart flavor for you. The delectable, sweet filling, nestled in between two thin layers of pastry, comes in tons of different varieties. Tasty frosting truly is the icing on the... toaster pastry! What's not to love?
So, which delicious Pop-Tarts variety will you try first? If you love fruity flavors, we highly recommend strawberry, cherry and raspberry Pop-Tarts. If you have a weakness for chocolate like Nadia, one of our "Jedis," try Chocolate Fudge or Chocolate Chip Pop-Tarts. You never know what fun flavor of Kellogg's Pop-Tarts will come out next, but you'd better believe it'll be delicious! Even Grazia, our resident Pop-Tarts expert, hasn't had the chance to try them all... yet! Can you beat her to it?

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pop-Tarts

How much do you really know about Pop-Tarts? For one, they're a 100% American creation. But surely you already knew that, you're on the My American Market website after all ! What else do you know about this beloved breakfast treat? ... Nothing? Don't you worry, we've got lots of fun facts to share!
Pop-Tarts have been around since 1964. Anything that's been part of the American breakfast for that long MUST be good ! Pop-Tarts are made by the American brand Kellogg's. And they must be pretty proud of themselves—they sell over 2 billion Pop-Tarts every year! It goes without saying that they're some of Kellogg's most popular products!
The original idea for toaster pastries actually came from Post, not Kellogg's. And at first, they were called "Country Squares." But Post took too long to take their product to market after announcing its launch. Meanwhile, Kellogg's got to work on their own toaster pastry, which hit shelves a mere 6 months later, beating Post to the punch. As soon as Pop-Tarts came out, they were a hit. They did so well that Kellogg's had trouble keeping up with demand! Sorry, Post—you snooze, you lose!
It's hard to imagine, but the first Pop-Tarts were unfrosted. It wasn't until 1967 that Pop-Tarts as you know them today came onto the scene. But it was all for a good cause—they had to make sure that their icing formula wouldn't slide off in the toaster! Safety first!
The very first Pop-Tarts were: strawberry, brown sugar cinnamon, blueberry, and apple-currant. Today, those are still among the most popular flavors, but many, many more have been added to the Pop-Tarts repertoire! Try them all to find your favorite!