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AriZona Teas and Juices: Freshness in a Can!

Each sip of an AriZona Beverage is more refreshing than the last. AriZona ice teas come in a variety of flavors: apple-ginseng, lemon, raspberry or peach. More in the mood for an Arizona fruit juice? Choose from strawberry-kiwi, mango or watermelon!

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    • 1 x Arizona Juice Mucho Mango Can
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    • 1 x Arizona Juice Mucho Mango Can
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Arizona Iced Tea, freshness in a glass, can, or bottle

Arizona drinks start with high-quality black, green, or white tea leaves. From there, they stay 100% natural: no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, and no preservatives are added. You can be sure that Arizona iced tea is not only refreshing, but good for you. What more could you want from a drink?
Now you know a little more about the tea itself, but take a minute to appreciate the AWESOME packaging before you get to sipping! The splashy colors and patterns alone will have your mouth watering! Part of why Arizona has thrived is probably because their drinks really catch shoppers' eyes. It's hard to pass a shelf of bottles and cans of Arizona Tea by without grabbing at least one or two! The vibrant colors on the outside will put you in a good mood before you even have a chance to taste what's inside.
There are so many flavors to choose from, how will you decide what to try first? First, choose between fruit juice and iced tea. They make unique fruit drink blends like kiwi-strawberry. You could also opt for an exotic fruit juice like mango or watermelon.
In the mood for an iced tea instead? Arizona has you covered! Will Raspberry Arizona Iced Tea steal your heart? Or Peach Iced Tea, perhaps? There's also Arizona's famous Red Apple Green Iced Tea with Ginseng. With all of the options available to you, you'll never get tired of Arizona drinks!

Arizona drinks: an American success story

Did you know that Arizona is the leading iced tea brand in the US? But while iced tea is probably what Arizona Beverage Company does best, the company also makes a wide variety of energy drinks and fruit drinks that Americans love.
In 1971, friends and business partners John Ferolito and Don Vultaggio created the Arizona brand. But not in the state of Arizona! In New York City, of all places. Surprisingly, Arizona didn't even start making iced tea until 1990. Up until then, it distributed beer! But it was well worth the wait! Arizona Tea was the #1 top-selling beverage in the United States for much of the '90s. Today, it's a household name and is sold in nearly all 50 states.
But even when they reached the top, the creators didn't stop there. They kept inventing new flavors, like iced tea with ginseng, which they packaged in a now-iconic cobalt blue bottle. Then came the Arizona Cowboy Cocktail, available in fun and fruity flavors like Mucho Mango, Strawberry Punch, and even Pina Colada. Arizona has always prioritized innovation, one of its keys to success!
In spring 1997, Arizona Ginseng Green Tea with Ginseng & Honey was launched. Since then, it has become one of the brand's most successful products. And we have good news! You can get your hands on this best-selling drink right now—just order it from our website (thank goodness for My American Market, right?).
Arizona iced tea entered the European market in 2010. At first, you could only get it in certain delis and fast food restaurants. But little by little, as Europeans realized just how delicious it was, it started appearing on shelves in supermarkets and neighborhood convenience stores. But if you don't feel like going out to stock up, or want to try exclusive flavors that are hard to find in stores, you can order directly from our website!
In the past decade, Arizona drinks have been a serious hit in Europe! Apparently Europeans appreciate drinks that are tasty and healthy just as much as Americans do! I guess that explains Arizona's incredible success! Have you already been a part of their success story? If not, what are you waiting for?