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My American Market is committed in the fight against food waste

🔎 What exactly is a BBD?

Much like other food products, the items we sell come with a BBD on the packaging. These three letters stand for Best Before Date, which is to say a date set by the manufacturer to guarantee their products retain an optimal culinary quality. This is not to be confused with a Use by date (otherwise known as an expiration date) which can be found on meat 🍗 or dairy! 🥛

Want to learn more about the difference between best before and use by dates? Head on over 👉 here

👨‍⚕ My food is “expired”, am I going to make it, doctor?

Not only can a product with a passed BBD often retain its original taste and texture months later, it also presents ZERO risk to your health! Yet, these products often find themselves abandonned 😢 or worse… thrown straight into the trash!

❤️ The Zero Waste Squad: our commitment to eliminating Food Waste 🦸‍♀🦸

It is currently estimated that around 1.3 billion tons of food end up discarded or gone off every year around the world, which makes up about 1/3 of our total worldwide food production!
Europe alone throws away enough food every year to feed about 1 billion people—in other words, the entirety of people suffering from malnutrition worldwide.
Not great, to say the least…

ALet’s fight back on our scale with the Zero Waste Squad!

Whenever products have a short or recently passed BBD, you’ll see 🦸‍♀ and 🦸 spring to action with three options:

1) Get in touch with food banks: “Hello 📞 got any products with an old date?”, “We’re on it! 🚚💨"" Answers the squad!

2) Offer them to you at a sweet discount! 🍪

3) Throw them in the trash 😱😰😢

Of course, the only options that are truly close to our ❤️ are the first two.

Throwing food away? N-O T-H-A-N-K-S!!

👌 With us, it’s entirely up to you!

In our effort to fight against food waste, we sell these products at 80% off up to three months past the BBD. They’re easy to find too! Just head over to the “GOOD DEALS” section.
Purchase these products to do your part in the fight against food waste AND get great discounts on your favorite items. Mother nature will thank you 🙏

Not convinced? No problem! Our BBDs are listed on the website during your purchase. You’re in charge, pick whichever you like!