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Tabasco: hot sauce brought to you all the way from the United States

Americans swear by Tabasco for their hot sauce needs. Just a few drops of McIlhenny Tabasco is enough to liven up any dish. The brand's best-sellers include its chipotle pepper sauce, and its green Tabasco, which is a little more mild. The most extreme hot sauce, you ask? Tabasco Scorpion! Just be sure to have a steady hand, because it's some seriously fiery hot sauce! How many drops do you dare?

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Tabasco: this cool sauce will get you all fired up

Tabasco is the gold standard of hot sauce!
It's also a condiment with an interesting history!
In 1868, the very first batch of Tabasco sauce was made on Avery Island, a salt dome in southern Louisiana known for its pepper crops. When creator Edmund McIlhenny began selling his pepper sauce, which was bottled in cologne-style packaging, he couldn't have imagined that it would one day become the most famous hot sauce in the world. Today, Tabasco is used in a wide variety of cuisines and is a household staple in 185 countries! Heck of a businessman, that Mr. McIlhenny!
The smartly designed dripper under the bottle's iconic green cap ensures you only get as many drops of this super-concentrated hot sauce as you want—and keeps thrill-seekers from burning their taste buds
The classic Tabasco Red Pepper Sauce recipe has barely changed at all in over 150 years (if it ain't broke, don't fix it!): red peppers, vinegar, and salt. What sets Tabasco apart from other hot sauces? A mastery of the art of barrel aging. Their peppers are aged in white oak for up to several years to achieve their signature bold flavor and spice intensity!
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