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Skittles: a candy rainbow dream come true!

Shake out a handful of Skittles when you need a little color and sweetness in your life! These little round chewy candies come in every color of the rainbow, and feature fruity flavors like orange, strawberry, and lemon. Which version do you like best? Classic Skittles, GIANTS, or shell-less" chews?

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Skittles: the tart, fruity candy you can't help but falling in love with!

Fun fact: Skittles were invented in 1973, not in the US but in England. About 10 years later, after realizing what a big hit the imported candy was, candy factories opened up Stateside and began producing them domestically. The brand is now owned by candy giant Mars Incorporated. Like their cousins, M&Ms, Skittles are unmistakable because their initial is stamped on every single colorful little crunchy candy shell. Also like M&Ms, Skittles come in all sorts of flavors, colors, and sizes. But where M&Ms are delectably chocolatey, Skittles are scrumptiously fruity. You’ll find flavors like banana, blackberry, strawberry, passion fruit, apple, and pomegranate. The brand adapts its flavors to fit each country's palate, so over 150 different flavors have been developed throughout the years! Yep 😊 For instance, Skittles R&D discovered that people in China have a taste for all things floral, so they came up with a line of over 20 assorted fruity and flowery flavors! Pretty smart, if you ask us 😉 Hundreds of millions of Skittles are reportedly made every single day!
Among the newest additions to the Skittles family are Skittles Chewies, released in the late 2010s, and they've been a HUGE hit all around the world. What sets them apart from original Skittles? Essentially, a Chewie is a Skittle in its birthday suit! That's right, these pastel-hued candies have no crunchy outer shell.

Skittles goes viral!

The brand has launched quite a few limited-edition products over the years, like Skittles Dips, which sold like hotcakes! Well, like Skittle-cakes... 😉!
Skittles has also earned a reputation for its colorful, funny, and downright weird commercials! Taste the rainbow 😉 By the way, here's a fun way to amaze your kids, your nieces and nephews, your friends' kids, or your own friends (hey, it's a great party trick): grab a plate or a shallow bowl, place some Skittles in a circle around the edges, and pour hot water into the middle of the plate. Then, sit back and watch a gorgeous rainbow appear! Simply amazing!

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