Jerky & Beef Jerky

Delicious American jerky

The best American beef jerky and cured meats are right here!
It's a love story waiting to happen. This American specialty is the preferred snack of athletes, backpackers (even the casual hikers who mostly just come along for the snacks), and anyone who is trying to cut carbs. It's one snack you can easily enjoy anywhere you go, since it comes in lightweight, resealable bags. Plus, it's full of protein and super tasty!
We've got all of the best brands, straight from the US, including Jack Link's and Wild West. But because here at My American Market we know that you're a jerky connoisseur, we also offer other tasty and original cooked dried meat from brands like Indiana, which makes chicken, pork, and turkey jerky, and Cruga, which uses the Biltong air-dry curing technique.
Which flavor will you try first?