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L'Elixir des 3 Sorciers - discover a magically glittery soda

Dear witches and wizards! If you're preparing to battle the dark forces, you'll want to stock up on a few enchanting bottles of the magical drink L'Elixir des 3 Sorciers! I❤️»» Prove that your witch or wizard heart is pure—give a bottle of iridescent glitter soda a shake. If it glows, you've revealed its powers! These soft drinks and the illusions they produce were concocted by 3 great sorcerers, using ancient magic recipes, just for you!

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    Elixir Soda - Phoenix Potion - Peach
    Elixir Soda - Phoenix Potion - Peach
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How did these magical drinks come to be?

Calling all witches and wizards, sorcerers, goblins, trolls, and other magical beasts! My American Market is now able to serve all of your edible magic potion drink needs.

Numerous mythical creatures put their powers and spells together to brew these exceptional elixirs. If your plan is to go up against evil spirits and other dark forces, make sure you're equipped for battle! To vanquish black magic once and for all, you'll need as many Elixirs as you can get! You're in for a fierce duel!

Which magic potion will you choose? As a seasoned witch or wizard, you know that when it comes to magic potions, the more colorful and shimmery, the better. And Elixirs des 3 Sorciers are no exception. We can already feel some magic in the air just looking at this iridescent drink! The 3 sorcerers used their mystical powers to make sure their shimmery soda was full of flavor and potency. Now, you, too, can become a legendary sorcerer!

Elixirs des 3 Sorciers: extraordinarily delicious magic drinks

Are you on a quest for an edible magic potion? You've come to the right place! We've got vials, flasks, and bottles full of magical fruit-flavored soft drinks. Just give the bottle a gentle shake to make the magic happen! Edible glitter and other magical ingredients make this fruity soda a truly enchanting drink experience.

Thankfully, the three sorcerers also made their Elixirs des 3 Sorciers potions super tasty (unlike other famous elixirs, like Polyjuice Potion)! You'll love sipping on this magical soda with fruity flavors. Elixir des 3 Sorciers comes in a variety of delicious (and equally magical) flavors, like strawberry, mint, and bubble gum. Mystical flavored soft drinks that double as magical potions—even the most powerful mortals couldn't brew something this good!

But beware! And lest you forget! Only witches and wizards who are worthy of these potions will be able to unlock their extraordinary powers during battle. So, do you fancy yourself a sorcerer worthy of this magically glitter soda?