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Korean Food: products from Korea have arrived

Wait, is that Korean products I spy on My American? That’s right! I❤️»» We tried it ourselves and we just had to share it with you! Introducing our very own Little Korea district of sorts, right here on our website! You’ll find here an ever growing catalogue of Korean products. Which one will you try first? Whichever you choose, mas-issge deuseyo! (맛있게 드세요!) That’s Korean for enjoy your meal.

  1. Asian Box Size XS
    Asian Box Size XS
    👌 We've filled this box with:
    • 1 x Hatakosen Sakura Bottle Ramune Soda
    • 1 x Big Sugar Rolly Cotton Candy Roll Rainbow
    • 1 x Lotte Watta Green Apple Chewing Gum
    • ...
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  2. Fight food waste

    - 60 %
    hy seventeen snack pop injeolmi flavor
    Snack Pop Aperitif Balls Cheddar Cheese
    50g / 1.76oz

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    • €2.89
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