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Doritos: corn tortilla chips with a flavorful kick

Most people have had nacho cheese Doritos, and even spicy Doritos, but there are still some flavors and versions that aren't well-known in Europe yet. So we import them from the USA and Asia! Especially yummy when you dunk them into spicy or creamy dips, triangle-shaped Doritos tortilla chips are a real snack time treat! Careful, it could get hot!

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Doritos: an American snack icon

Frito-Lay first blessed America with its delectable tortilla chips, called Doritos, in 1966. (Did you know? In Spanish, "Doritos" means "little bits of gold.") And the snacks starred in a hit TV commercial that very year! Doritos were the first tortilla chips sold in the US, and when they originally launched, they weren't flavored. The following year, the brand released Nacho Cheese Doritos, one of its best-selling flavors to this day!
As popular as they were on the US market, they didn't make it across the pond until the 90s, emerging in France in 1994 and Belgium in 1996. But when they finally did, they were a big hit! Their munchable triangle shape and unique flavor have made Doritos a snack time favorite for people all around the world.
Doritos has come a long way since it was first introduced, especially when it comes to its flavor offerings. There are of course the classics, like Nacho Cheese Doritos. But Doritos also knows how to spice things up, with flavors like Flamin' Hot Doritos! And those are tame compared to the bold flavor of Doritos Tapatio! After you indulge, your taste buds may need some time to recover from the hot Latino heat!
No matter what Doritos variety you choose, it's sure to be delicious! But don't forget: it's impossible to eat just one Dorito (we're not even sure there is a singular form of that word...)! If you open up a bag, you just might finish it!

How are Doritos made?

As you know, Doritos are tortilla chips, so it all starts with corn. Once the corn is harvested, only the cream of the crop gets turned into Doritos (we'd expect nothing less). Then, it's washed, soaked, cooked, and ground into a paste.
Next, the cornmeal dough is rolled out into thin, even sheets and cut into the iconic triangle shape that Doritos are known for. These tasty chips take a lot of long, hard work to produce, but if you've experienced the crunch and tasted the spicy, salty goodness, you know it's worth it!
Next up, two crucial steps. First, the chips are baked, and THEN they're fried in vegetable oil for maximum crunch! And then comes the really good part: the chips take a ride in a rotating drum along with a signature Doritos spice blend so that each one is perfectly coated with flavor. Finally, Frito-Lay employees conduct rigorous quality control to make sure that only the best, most flavorful chips make it onto the shelves for your snacking pleasure.