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Cruga, the jerky you won't be able to live without

Eager to discover a jerky unlike any other? The Cruga brand is for you! This jerky is distinguished by air-drying pieces of beef, turkey, chicken or even pork. This is called "biltong". Now you're thinking "Huh? What? How?" It's normal, the team asked itself the same question when we discovered this, that's why, we take the time to explain you the originality of the ""biltong"" and the brand Cruga.

When you think American jerky, you automatically translate to ""beef jerky"". Only, "beef jerky" is oven-dried meat while "beef biltong" is marinated and then air-dried. This gives a particular, surprising and different taste to this salty snack... You'll love it!

Sportsman or hiking enthusiast? Quickly slip a bag of biltong jerky into your stuff. This tasty, protein-packed snack is sure to re-energize you!