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Coca Cola: America’s Favorite Soda!

We don’t need to convince you that Coca Cola drinks are the ultimate refreshing treat. That’s why we have so many flavors! We’ve got classic Coca Cola of course, but also limited edition flavors! Have you tried cherry, vanilla, or even cherry-vanilla Coca Cola!? Now’s the time!

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What's the history of Coca-Cola?

Did you know that when Coca-Cola was first invented by John Pemberton, it was sold in drug stores? On May 8th, 1886, the very first version of Coca-Cola was created. And it was an instant hit! Well, almost. When Jacobs' Pharmacy first started selling it, they served around nine happy customers every day.
But Pemberton's accountant saw the beverage's potential. He's even the one who decided to name the drink Coca-Cola. His reasoning was that the alliteration would attract more consumers. That same year, a prominent newspaper called Coke a delicious and refreshing drink, which certainly didn't hurt its reputation! In 1888, Asa Candler began taking over as the leader of Coca-Cola, and he acquired the rights to the patents John Pemberton and his partners had obtained.
In 1898, Coca-Cola Company opened its headquarters in a brand-new building, erected for that very purpose. But the company expanded so quickly that it soon outgrew the building. Over the next 12 years, it moved five different times to accommodate its staggering growth!
Coca-Cola continued to expand rapidly in the 1900s. It was featured in magazines nationwide, and even celebrities started to talk about Coke! In 1906, Coca-Cola made its first appearance in Canada. The Coca-Cola Bottler trade magazine was first published in 1909, and ran for nearly 80 years.
In 1912, Coca-Cola began bottling its products in the Philippines, marking the company's first foray onto the Asian market. Coca-Cola also decided to develop its philanthropic goals, starting with a generous donation to Emory University in Atlanta in 1914. This was the beginning of Coca-Cola's longstanding commitment to supporting education.
The brand continued shining on the international scene when it opened a bottling plant on Guam in 1917. Coca-Cola arrived in Europe just a few years later, in 1919, opening its first factories in Paris and Bordeaux, France. In 1926, it took Germany, Belgium, China, Spain, Italy, Haiti, The Netherlands, and Mexico by storm!
Have you've heard that Coca-Cola is responsible for the modern image of Santa Claus? The rumors are (somewhat) true! Artist Haddon Sundblom drew the very first picture of Santa Claus sipping a Coke during his break.
Coca-Cola launched Diet Coke in 1982. Then, Coca-Cola began reinventing itself in 2002, when it graced us with Vanilla Coke. In 2003, it came out with Coca-Cola with Lemon. In 2005, Coke Zero was introduced. Even as it Coca-Cola was busy inventing new flavors for us to love, it never stopped aiming for new markets.
The Coca-Cola brand reached an amazing milestone in 2010: 125 years of business! Time flies when you're drinking good soda! We definitely haven't heard the last from Coca-Cola.

Coke products from around the world, just for you

Here at My American Market, we want you to be able to try all kinds of different Coke products, even the ones that are hard to find in Europe! That's right—Coca-Cola adapts its offering and packaging to each different market. Let your favorite brand take you on a trip around the globe in every sip.
We're excited to be able to share Coke products from around the world with you. We've got Coca-Cola galore! There are so many tasty flavors to try and unique packaging to marvel at. Which Coke product will you try first? A twist on the classic flavor, like Cherry Coke? Vanilla Coke? Or something more original, like Green Coke? See if you can taste the difference between Mexican Coke and Japanese Coke! You'll be amazed at all of the goodies this American brand has in store for you.

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