Candy Bars

American candy bars

Our American candy bar selection is "king-sized"! Browse our candy bar aisle for the candy bars you know and love, and ones that you thought only existed in your wildest dreams! Modern-day American treats like Kit Kat and Reese's, plus longstanding classics like Rocky Road and Caramello!
Candy bars are super practical for on-the-go snacking. What we love most about American candy bars is the wide variety of flavors. Coconut, peanut butter, chocolate, you name it! We recommend a Reese's bar or a Kit Kat Chunk if you're nuts for PB. If you're a serious chocolate fanatic, head over to our aisle full of American chocolate bars for more chocolicious treats. 90s movie buff? Then surely you'll recognize the Baby Ruth candy bar we carry from The Goonies! (We told you we had something for everyone!)

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