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Andy Capp’s Fries: chips pretending to be French fries!

Have you dreamed about making potato chips in the shape of French fries? Andy Capp's beat you to it! The crunch of potato chips, with the shape and munchability of French fries! Several different flavors are available, so you can switch up your snacking pleasures whenever you like.

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Andy Capp’s French fry-shaped chips

Are those French fries? No, look closely: Andy Capp’s are potato snacks that simply look like fries! Pick whichever Andy Capp’s bag that catches your eye, and enjoy delicious BBQ, Hot Fries, or Cheddar flavor with every crunch. These three popular French fry flavorings are just as delicious in chip form, you have our word.
Andy Capp’s chips make the perfect afternoon snack, but you can also serve them as fun party food! The unique shape and flavor fit the bill when plain potato chips feel too boring for the occasion. Your party guests will think you're serving French fries... And they'll be amazed when they realize they're actually chips!
For Andy Capp’s, flavor is king. After all, the Andy Capp’s slogan is “Flavor punch in every crunch.” It's an ambitious promise, but these snacks live up to every word! In each bite, you can intense savor barbecue, hot and spicy, or cheese flavor. Plus, Capp’s Fries are seriously crispy!
Have you seen the Andy Capp’s logo? A cartoon character in a red hat is on every bag of Andy Capp’s chips, getting ready to "taste the oven-baked crunch"! Yummy! How could you not love this salty snack? As you may have guessed, the guy in the logo is Andy Capp himself, a famous comic strip character (Andy Capp Publishers-Hall Syndicate). In fact, up until a few years ago, there was a comic strip printed on the back of the bag.

Everything you need to know about Andy Capp’s

Andy Capp’s is one of the many, many brands owned by Conagra. You may not have heard of the consumer packaged goods company before, but it's behind a lot of the products that are probably in your fridge or pantry as we speak. That's right, you have Conagra to thank for brands like Vlasic, Wish Bone, Act II, and Hunt’s. Needless to say, Conagra Brands is extremely influential in the American food and drink business.
The Andy Capp's brand was launched in 1971 by Goodmark Foods. In 1998, Goodmark Foods was acquired by Conagra Foods, which manufactures and distributes Andy Capp's chips to this day. Andy Capp's Hot Fries were the brand's first big hit. Their offering used to be much larger than it is today. But eventually, flavors like Pub Fries, Salsa, Hot Chili Cheese Steak, and White Cheddar Steak Fries were all discontinued. Andy Capp’s chose to focus on quality rather than quantity! However, fans were overjoyed when the brand brought back one variety in 2011: BBQ Fries. It seems that they pulled it off the market without giving it a real chance to thrive. But since its relaunch, the product has been a huge success with consumers.